How to Spot Overlooked R&D Partnerships

Posted by Candice Landry on Nov 14, 2017 4:01:16 PM



So, how do you identify inventive universities to spot overlooked partnership opportunities? By ranking the Inventiveness of US universities with our empirical framework of IP Investment Conversion.

Our goal is to provide the basis for a customizable roadmap for entrepreneurs, patent holders, and investors who are seeking partnerships to bring valuable technologies to market. After all, research is expensive and finding the most stategic research partner not only reduces costs, but gets you into new product development and commercialization with greater confidence. We aim to bring novel tools to derive the most meaningful insights into the research system that allows viable, new ideas to enter the market.


  • Provide a first-pass, filtering tool to gauge the quality of underlying assumptions in determining a potential university research partner that fits specific business needs.
  • We define a conversion metric as an indicator for inventiveness.

A clearer picture of the inventive landscape will reveal previously unforseen technology development opportunities and strategic research partners. To best qualify a potential research partner, it is useful to also know how well they convert investment dollars into IP assets.


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Topics: Strategic Research Partners, Converting Assets, Quantitative IP

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